Never discredit your gut instinct. You’re not being paranoid. Your body can pick up vibrations, some better than others, and if something deep inside you says something’s not right about a person or situation, trust it and keep it pushing. 

Dear dark skin girls


Never be afraid to wear all the bright colors you want. You do not have to stick to the purples, dark blues & blacks because they’re more “suitable” for your dark skin, and bright colors make your dark skin “stand out” too much.

Fuck that.

Wear the all the neons, pinks, yellows, bright red, white and anything else you want because your dark skin is beautiful and should flaunt it all you want. 

I get way too sensitive when I get attached to someone. I can detect the slightest change in the tone of their voice, and suddenly I’m spending all day trying to figure out what I did wrong.
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A tragedy, when a mature mind and a romantic heart are in the same body.
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  • me to a white person: what's your ethnicity
  • white person: i'm 1/4 vanilla bean, 2 cups of skim milk, 3 tablespoons of tapioca, 1 teaspoon of corn starch etc

So at what point can black people start shooting cops on sight because we are afraid that they will shoot us first and getting away with it?

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sorry boys, but I already got my eyes on a guy who’s not interested

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When I see a cute boy


Me: he cute
Me: he prbly a fukboy tho

Marry a guy who is as smart as you and will challenge you. And can make you laugh. That is the most important.
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